Biography of Deusa Blumke

Deusa Blumke

Deusa Blumke uses art to respond to the environment and all it is around here. She explores materials, surfaces and colors, to free the paintings from their surface – a distinct style that can be seen in most of her works presented either under or between surfaces. Deusa’s works portray a process through which she “listens” to the shapes and colors, and allows them to guide the movement and flow of the brushstrokes, into the end result.

Deusa graduated in Business Administration in Brazil, went on to study one year Graphic Designing in Germany, and just recently attained her BA (Hons) in Fine Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore. In addition to that, she has participated actively in life drawing and painting classes at Bilik 3-Dharma from Teguh Ostenrik, Indonesia and attended workshops from Mister Sebastian (sculptor from Mexico) and Dominic Fonde (English glass artist based in Singapore). Her exposure to various artists, cultures and experiences also shows in the spontaneity and robust colors of her works.

Deusa’s interests lies in how art can be translated as a bridge between the artist, the viewer, and the active use of the moment as well as painting with various materials and it’s connection with colors and mood. Her upcoming projects include exploration and manipulation of materials and how these materials are used in different forms of layering. The painting is formed not only from the surface, but also rather by explorations and “surprises” coming from between the layers.

Biography of Deusa Blumke: