Biography of Chang Hui-Fang

Chang Hui-Fang


Chang Hui-Fang (張慧芳) is an artist who utilized large amounts of Chinese ink, combined with pencil sketching on paper for her initial works In Taiwan. She is passionate about incorporating realism into the abstract. Her first international solo show FAITH, is a series of works that largely employs the approach of ‘Appropriation’ in art. Based on religious art works originating from the 15-17th century, it aims to encourage the contemporary viewer to reflect on their beliefs. These paintings use a composition of charcoal powder in water, the overlapping of various shades of colour and charcoal strokes to depict creatures in the sky. The use of brilliant gold leaf is also deliberately reminiscent of the image of classical art. In its ‘re-construction’ of the work on which it appropriates, each painting adds a layer of meaning to its original message.

She won the first prize of Tainan Fine Art Exhibition in 2001. Living in Singapore since 2012, she began to capture the memories and impressions of her new homeland through her works in oil. She has showcased her works at venues such like ION art gallery, Affordable Art Fair (Singapore and Hong Kong), Artspace 222 and Young Art Taipei.

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