Instinctive at Affordable Art Fair, HK–19-21 May 2017

One of Instinctive artist (Urich Lau) is chosen by Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair on FRESH wall. Come and visit us on 19-21 May 2017!




“As we prepare to open the fair doors in two weeks time, we have been on the look out for some FRESH new artists! So, back for the second year running our popular FRESH showcase returns to present works by a range of global artists who are new to Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.

This year’s showcase will include: pop surrealist Dina Goldstein (Canada), recognised visual artist, curator and art educator Urich Lau (Singapore), Lu Yu (China) from new gallery La Vu, and local ceramic artist Ryan Cheng (Hong Kong), as well as eye-catching embroidery works by Hagar Vardimon (The Netherlands), stunning photographs of layered feathers byGareth Hayward (United Kingdom), an infusion of punk sensibility by Magnus Gjoen(United Kingdom), and also intricate collages using paper and money by artist group Xiang Demei (China) led by Hei Yiyang. ”

“藝博會在兩週之後正式開幕,我們 為您搜羅了多個FRESH的藝術家!在去年成功 舉辦之後,今年的香港Affordable Art Fair我們帶來一系列的環球藝術家。

本年度FRESH展覽載譽回歸, 帶來的藝術家包括:擅長普普超現實主義的Dina Goldstein(加 拿大);身兼藝術家、策展人和教育者的劉 威延(新加坡)、來自首 次參展畫廊La Vu Gallery的禹 露(中國)、慣於在紙上 利用絲線創作的著名藝術家Hagar Vardimon(荷 蘭)、本地陶藝家鄭禮仁(香 港)、喜歡拍攝羽毛的多層次的Gareth Hayward(英 國)、充滿朋克精神的Magnus Gjoen(英國)和以 使用紙幣拼貼為個人風格,由黑一烊帶領的藝術團 隊《想得美》 (中國)。” by Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair

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