South by Southeast: Art from Singapore(东南偏南:来自新加坡的艺术)

Venue 展览地点: 上海艺博画廊, 中国上海市淮海西路570, 号B107-108
Opening 开幕时间: June 25, 2016 – 16:00
Artists 参展艺术家:李志(Justin Lee),刘轩齐(Liu Xuanqi),姚诗韵(Shih Yun Yeo),杨伟慧(Yeoh Wee Hwee),刘威延(Urich Lau)

《东南偏南:来自新加坡的艺术》,本展览邀请了来自新加坡比较有代表性的5位艺术家,他们的艺术创作各有特色和偏重,创作的内容囊括了当代的 水墨,Video,装置,绘画及摄影较全面的阐述了各自的艺术观点,某种程度上也代表了新加坡的艺术现状。
托马斯·弗里德曼(Thomas L. Friedman)在其著作《世界是平的》(The World is Flat) 中阐述到全球化不只是一种现象,也不只是一种短暂的趋势,而是世界发展的潮流和趋势。这种趋势是资本,信息和技术的结合,也包括文化艺术的融合。在近期举 办的亚洲最具代表性的HK ART BASEL博览会的现场,如果不看艺术家的名字已很难区分是来自哪国的艺术家。艺术家的作品已趋于国际化,收藏家的收藏体系的建立也已着眼于全球的购买。 近年已有越来越多的中国私人美术馆和画廊将各国的优秀艺术家带入中国,文化的融合是交流的最好方式。
此次非常荣幸的邀请到5位新加坡艺术家,在上海举办他们的作品展,此展应该是近年第一次新加坡艺术家以集体的形式在上海的群展,希望本次展览 有助于让国内的观众更多的了解新加坡和新加坡的艺术,借此推动中国-新加坡的文化交流。

South by Southeast: Art from Singapore, an exhibition that showcases 5 contemporary artists from Singapore. Their works express different ideologies and discourse through varies approaches and mediums such as video, installation, painting and photography. To some extent, they represent the surge of diversity in Singapore art now.
‘The World is Flat’ by Thomas L. Friedman analyses that globalization is neither just a phenomenon nor a short-term movement. It is the trend of world development. This trend is a combination of capital , information and technology, including the integration of arts and culture .
In Art Basel Hong Kong 2016, it is difficult to distinguish the origin of the artists without looking at their names. Works from artists have become more international and established collectors now collect works globally. In recent years, many outstanding works of art from different parts of the world have been brought in by private museums and galleries in China. And through the arts, we are able to build a vibrant and connected global community as cultural integration is the best way to communicate.
It is an honour to have these 5 Singapore artists with us, at Yibo Gallery. This is one of the first group exhibition that invites solely Singapore artists to Shanghai. We hope that the public will learn something about Singapore, gain an insight into the Singapore visual arts and also take this platform to promote cultural exchange between China and Singapore.


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